What Is Keg Collar Printing?

What Is Keg Collar Printing?

Branding matters regardless of the size of the business.

If you are selling beer, it matters a lot more in this industry as everything looks the same without any branding.

Large breweries usually have the resources to invest in brand building in order to make it a force to reckon with but small breweries typically do not have the required resources.

Thankfully, keg collar printing is one of those specialised products offered at Onpack and allows even small breweries to convert standard kegs into a powerful marketing opportunity.

In addition, keg collars can also be used to print important information to help organise inventory as well as to provide more information to customers.

This has all been possible due to the innovations in the digital printing space.

Since digital printing allows businesses of all sizes to order high quality printed marketing material in small batch sizes, even small to medium sized breweries can order a small run of beer keg collar labels at an affordable price.


What Is Keg Collar Printing?

Simply put, a keg collar is a printed circular label that can be put on the top of kegs.

These printed labels can be used for marketing as well as for providing useful information to customers including information about the taste as well as helping to organise the inventory.

These are widely used by small to mid-sized breweries to differentiate their products from others in the market.

These labels are printed on specialised material that is perfect for kegs. These are digitally printed with custom die-cut circles.

Typically, these are available in different standard sizes that all come with a custom hole in the middle with slits that allows for easy application.

Since these are digitally printed, the turnaround time is just a few days in most cases.


Advantages of Keg Collar Printing

There are several advantages of using keg collars. Following is a list of some of the main advantages.

One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to set your product apart from the competition at an affordable price.

Digital printing allows you to order a small batch of customised keg collars at an affordable price without being forced to order tens of thousands of these in one go.

It is the perfect marketing material for a small start-up as well as established businesses.

Digital printing allows variable data printing. In simple terms, this means that customised keg collars can be printed in small runs.

This can be used to offer all kinds of information including taste as well as batch details and other relevant information.

These are printed on a special material that is particularly suited to kegs.

These can usually be produced in any shape and size as most printers offer prints in unique shapes and sizes in addition to the standard sizes.

Keg collar printing is very time efficient.

Since this is all done through a digital printer, there is no setup time involved in putting up plates or rubber rolls or any of the other associated components.

The only thing customers need to do is prepare the design and order the number of prints required by them. It’s as simple as that.

Some printers also offer special templates that can be downloaded and used to order the design.



Overall, professional keg collar printing allows even small breweries to take advantage of the customisable printing option offered by digital printing.

Keg collars are fully customisable and can be printed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with the necessary information including personalised logos as well as tasting notes.

On top of that, these are extremely affordable and should be extensively used by breweries of all sizes for branding their products.


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