Are All Digital Labels Customisable?

Are All Digital Labels Customisable?

Yes, digital labels are customisable! You can print 2,000 customised digital labels with each label containing different information. That is the beauty of digital printing. It allows you to customise your label and give you enough flexibility so you can make your labels unique but still consistent with your branding.

Possible Customisation Options:

  • You can print multiple versions of the label while staying true to the overall look. For example, a client wants a different colour for certain fonts for a specific occasion. Or you print the content in a different language. You can make some tweaks to the label without compromising the integrity of the design and message.

  • Add the names of your clients or anyone from your database. Some products like food items or souvenir products can be customised so you can allow your clients to have their name, their company name, etc printed on your label.

  • Consecutive numbering. If you need a number count of the items or products, that can easily be done with digital printing through customisation.

  • Multiple barcodes.

  • Plus much more.

Advantages Of Custom Digital Labels:

  1. Design Flexibility - you can change, add, and personalise your labels at a very affordable price. In fact, it is possible that each label you print has unique features or content from each other without the need for reworking the design and going back to the planning table. Customisation can easily be done and worked into the digital process.

  2. Quick Turnaround - Customisation does not affect the timeline. It does not delay the printing process. The design flexibility is built into the program way before the printing process.

  3. Flexible Quantity - It is ideal for both bulk printing and small quantities or short-run labels.  Short-run labels work like print-on-demand. You can print only what you need. No need to print a whole batch that you will not use. This will reduce your inventory and storage requirements. Short-run labels are perfect for seasonal labelling too.

  4. High-Quality Labels - no dot gains, vibrant colours, and high-quality graphics. Digital printing technology can produce crisp, life-like colours, and standout images.

  5. Price - digital printing is very affordable compared to traditional press printing. Without the need for plates and setup time, costs are cut in half. Reduced label printing costs means more savings and higher profits.

  6. Colour Consistency - the same print quality, on colour and text, from the first label to the last. 

  7. Perfect Ink-to-Ink Trapping. 

  8. No printing plates or films required. 

Custom Digital Labels Are Ideal For:

  • Event marketing products - events mostly require standout, personalised labels for a specific occasion. Since custom digital labels are ideal for variable printing, it is popular for even marketing products.

  • Regional and seasonal goods - regional and seasonal goods have a short run. Custom digital labels are perfect for these products.

  • Rapid-turnaround proofs. 

  • Market tests for new products (usually small quantities) - because it is ideal for short-run labels and works like print-on-demand, it works for product introduction and initial product testing.

  • Multiple-version label printing - when you need to customise each label. This means potentially printing thousands of labels with each one containing different content.

Custom digitally printed labelling is popular today because of its high-quality, fast turnaround, and affordable printing costs. Digital printing is simply the best option for any printing needs. It is innovative, very convenient, and provides great results due to its accuracy and precision. 

Important Factors:

  • Design - your label design is the most important factor in a good, effective label. The design is what captures the attention of your target market.

  • Colours - choosing the right colours that will match the message of the label and the product itself is very important. 

  • Ink - the quality of the ink used plays a major part in high-quality label printing. 

  • Materials - the quality of paper, film, foil, etc is just as important too. Your ink and colours will not stand out if you are using poor-quality paper.

Always ask your printer about the materials they will use on your labels. Ask to see a sample print so you can see the colours, the quality of the ink and paper first hand. 

It is important that you work with a reliable and high-quality printer for your custom digital labels. 

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