There are many reasons why pre-packaged food products need to be properly labelled. In addition to being a legal requirement, food labelling provides useful information on the durability, storage and preparation of food.
Self-adhesive labels are made from a structure with 3 layers. This includes an adhesive layer, the face material and the release liner (often glassine or backing paper).
It's likely that this demand will always be there because some things simply cannot be downloaded. We will always need to buy food and electronics and millions of other items and we will always require labels.
The printing and packaging technology that we use today is far more advanced than what was available 20 years ago.
When you buy food at your local store, have you ever looked at the labels and wondered how this process is done?
Have you ever used self-adhesive labels before? You have probably received these for free from companies that are trying to market some type of service.
Digital printing, versus flexographic printing, has been an ongoing debate for many years. The debate revolves around using this for roll labels. Some people prefer one over the other.
Are you looking for a professional printing service? Get to know the types of printing services first to help you get the proper service for your requirements!
Having a dilemma if you should be setting up an in-house printing division or hiring professional printing services? Read on as we help you decide with some useful tips!
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