Industrial & Commercial

industrial and commercial labels

As with all our products, Onpack supplies customised self-adhesive (or pressure sensitive) labels to the requirements and needs of the product whilst providing the highest standard of quality. With this, we are able to produce dedicated industrial and commercial high-performance labels suited for use in extreme environments, chemicals, oils, liquids and indoor/outdoor storing. Utilising a wide variety of face materials and adhesives, our industrial labels can be produced to withstand direct sunlight, harsh temperatures and extended storage or shelf life, and ensuring adhesion to machinery & equipment, construction materials and various substrates such as wood, metal, plastic or cardboard.

Our fully customisable labels can be tailored to your unique requirements in colour, shape, size and application, allowing your products to stand out from the crowd or accurately mark them for ease of stores recoding, cataloguing or barcode scanning.

  • Aggressive permanent and hotmelt adhesives available.
  • Able to customise the adhesive and stock to ensure adherence after heating, refrigerating or freezing, as well as indoor and outdoor uses.
  • UV resistant inks.
  • Waterproof options.
  • Oil and chemical resistant options.
  • Variable Data capabilities for printing of batch or barcode details unique to each label.
  • Suited for manual, semi-automated and high-speed labelling application.
  • Economical and cost effective.

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Quality customer service is an important part of the Onpack culture, this, teamed with a solid understanding of our customers’ business and requirements is paramount to achieving the right results.

Our dedicated team can provide personalised solutions to suit each unique labelling requirement, ensuring that your packaging perfectly suits your brief in design, material, adhesive and quality. Follow the links to request a Sample Pack or quote