Is Flexographic Or Digital Printing Better For Roll Labels?

Is Flexographic Or Digital Printing Better For Roll Labels?

Digital printing, versus flexographic printing, has been an ongoing debate for many years. The debate revolves around using this for roll labels.

Some people prefer one over the other.

Digital printing is exactly what it sounds like. You have a digital printer and there will be sheets of labels that you will print out.

top-notch printer can print at high speeds, it is possible that it could be comparable.

Often referred to simply as flexo, it is a type of printing that is popular because of how fast the labels can be printed.

You are transferring ink from a plate onto the labels that are being printed, plates that are on rotating cylinders.

Let's compare the two different processes to see which one would be better for your business.

Why You Should Consider Flexo Printing

One of the reasons that you should consider this type of printing is that is literally old-school.

The reason that it is faster is that the labels are going to be fed into a printer at a very rapid speed.

If you have ever seen newspapers get printed, it works with the same concept.

Printing plates will be developed and whatever the plate has on it will be transferred to the labels.

It can take longer when you are putting designs or multiple colours, but due to the sheer speed of this process, it's a good way to get thousands of labels printed in the shortest amount of time.

Why You Should Choose Digital Printing

Digital printing offers you a little bit more flexibility, and it's probably becoming the most popular way to print virtually everything.

The printers that do this also use rolls, specifically designed for this type of printing.

People often refer to this as a very good balance between traditional flexo printing and the quality that you get from digital printing jobs.

The primary difference is that you will have rolls of labels ready to print, and in a very short period of time, the printer will transfer your design onto labels.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you are looking for tens of thousands of labels in the shortest period of time, flexo is probably the best choice.

As long as you have your design perfectly crafted for the plate, these can be done very rapidly. However, the world is not perfect and neither is flexo.

If you are looking for more high quality and detailed designs, then digital printing would be a better option.

Essentially, the quality of both options is going to be fairly comparable. The only reason to choose flexo over digital roll printing is how fast the turnaround time is.

When you get quotes on both types of printing jobs, they are going to be comparable as well.

As mentioned before, the only major differences will be the speed at which the labels can be produced by these machines.  

However, when it comes to superior quality, you cannot beat digital printing. Your customers deserve only the best quality as its a reflection on their brand.

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