Digital labels

Digital print is suited for short to medium run lengths, our digital print technology provides brands hi-quality and flexibility in label production. With accelerated processing, no plate requirements and specialist inline and offline embellishment techniques, digital print produces impactful labelling with efficiency.

A feature of digital printing is simulating metallic effects such as gold, silver and bronze on digital labels, this can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional hot foil labels.

The advantages of digital printing:

  • Ideal for short to medium length print runs
  • Ideal for multiple products
  • Digital workflow system with minimal set-up including no plate requirements
  • Digital information can be easily stored and modified
  • Reduced lead times to market
  • Inventory control and reduced stock holding
  • Cost effective due to minimal set-up
  • Simulates metallic effects such as gold, silver and bronze
  • A wide range of label materials and finishes available

The disadvantages of digital printing:

  • Not suitable for long runs lengths due to higher costs