Industrial & Chemical Labels

Onpack offers an extensive range of industrial and chemical labels that are specifically designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our labels are equipped with specialty adhesives, durable inks and label substrates to ensure optimal performance. We utilise a combination of digital and flexographic printing technologies to produce highly functional, customised labels featuring industry-leading design and embellishments. 

Our expertise extends to the production of labels for hazardous chemical products, such as those that need to comply with Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) regulations. We understand the importance of label durability in extreme environments, where even minor spills of chemicals, oils and fluids can impact label performance. At Onpack, we consider all of these factors to ensure your labels meet your specific requirements and provide superior performance. 



Onpack offers a wide range of economical and cost-effective options for industrial and chemical labels that are uniquely tailored to each product and requirement, including:

  • Aggressive permanent & hotmelt adhesives
  • Custom adhesives  & materials suited to heating, refrigerating & freezing
  • Options for indoor or outdoor use & storage
  • UV resistant inks
  • Waterproof options
  • Chemical & oil resistant options
  • Variable data capabilities for printing of batch or barcode details unique to each label
  • Suited for manual, semi-automated a& high-speed labelling applications
  • Digital & Flexographic print options for short, medium & long runs


Onpack's customised self-adhesive (or pressure sensitive) labels are of the highest quality, and tailored to the unique requirements of your products. We offer a wide range of face materials and adhesives that can withstand direct sunlight, harsh temperatures, and extended storage or shelf life. Our labels are suitable for adhesion to machinery and equipment, construction materials, and substrates such as wood, metal, plastic and cardboard. With our fully customisable options, you can choose the colour, shape, size and application of the labels to make your products stand out or accurately mark them to make in-store recording, cataloguing and barcode scanning effortless. 

Onpack offers a comprehensive range of industrial and chemical labels that are specifically designed to handle tough conditions. Our labels comply with all regulatory requirements and are made to withstand extreme environments, including exposure to chemicals, oils, liquids and both indoor/outdoor storage. We are dedicated to producing market-leading high-performance labels that are tailored to meet your unique needs and specifications.