The Latest Trends in Label Printing

The Latest Trends in Label Printing

It's likely that this demand will always be there because some things simply cannot be downloaded.

We will always need to buy food and electronics and millions of other items and we will always require labels.

According to a recent Smithers PIRA report, the global printing demand for labels is expected to continue to increase at a strong rate reaching as much as $49.9 billion in 2024.

This would mark an increase of 4.0% on today’s values.  

The volume of labels printed is expected to increase from 1.21 trillion A4 equivalents up to 1.59 A4 equivalents over that time.

This means that there will be a lot of opportunities for ink suppliers, print equipment makers, designers and service providers who are looking to get into the industry.


Regulations and Innovation

As an industry that is focused on physical goods, the label printing industry is faced with some unique challenges when it comes to sustainability.

For several years, there has been an increasing emphasis on 'going green' but critics feel that the changes made so far are too little, too late.

There is an expectation that companies must do a lot more in terms of recycling stock to reduce waste, improving processes to reduce energy, and making labels out of eco-friendly materials that are made from recyclable materials.


Challenges in Content Management

Sometimes, it's not the things that you can see and feel that are an important part of the business.

As demands increase it becomes even more important for there to be good workflow efficiency and good content management.

The amount of content that printing companies are required to deal with is already massive and that is only going to continue to get worse.

Handling data efficiently is a must, and this is where specialist CRM and SCM systems can come in handy.

Quality control also matters.

When you are printing huge batches of labels mistakes can be quite costly in both time and materials, as well as the environmental aspect of the waste.

Using good systems with efficient monitoring and carefully designed processes can help to reduce errors and therefore save a lot of money.

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Modern Design Matters

The most obvious changes come in the world of design. Fashions are cyclical, and the trend for 2019 appears to be simple, clear and bold.

It's entirely possible that over the next few years there could be an inevitable backlash against clear and simple designs for being "boring" triggering a move towards retro or even grunge.  

That's why it's important that designers don't just follow the market, but find their own style and hone in on it.

If you're specialised in producing a particular type of design then there will always be a brand that wants it.

Colours and lettering matter a lot, and the clarity and quality of the printing are important too.

Repeating patterns that can be applied to a product with a uniform appearance are always useful, and a lot of printers struggle to do that style of label printing well.

This leads to ingredient labels that are misaligned, voucher codes that you can't read, and other annoying issues.

This is where Onpack comes into it.

Onpack is a digital label printing specialist that is committed to innovation and to providing the highest quality, clearest and most long lasting labels.

We care about the environment, and we care about making the products that our labels are designed to look great too.

Onpack is an Australian owned company and we offer a personalised digital printing service catering to each individual brief and label requirement. Please call us today on +61 3 8388 8100 for all your digital label requirements.