What are the advantages of self-adhesive labels?

What are the advantages of self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive labels are most commonly used in the food and beverage industry.


How Are They Made?

Self-adhesive labels are made from a structure with 3 layers. This includes an adhesive layer, the face material and the release liner (often glassine or backing paper).

They are also referred to as pressure sensitive labels and can be used on any kind of product. Additionally, they can be customised into any size or shape.


What Are Their Advantages?

1. Versatile Self-adhesive labels can be used on any type of product and surface. They can also be used on any shape and sized packaging.

Therefore, they are very versatile and they can be customised and cut to your own specifications.

You can also print them on numerous materials and make them unique with your own designs and images.

Also, they can accommodate even the most advanced barcode technology including that which needs product authentication.

2. Durable They are long-lasting and can withstand any heat or bumps without tears.

That’s why self-adhesive labels can be used on a wide variety of different applications.

The food and beverage industry has particularly benefited from this especially since they design the labels and customise them to resist any wear deterioration caused by any substances such as water and oil.

Therefore, the labels will not peel off no matter what type of material you are applying them on.

3. Easy To Apply Whether you are using hand or machine to apply the labels, you will notice that the application process is effortless.

You don’t need any solvent, heat or water to adhere the labels to various surfaces. Additionally, you don’t need complicated tools to apply the labels.

You can peel them off and leave the protective backing liner then stick them on the surface with a little pressure.

There are some semi-automatic and automatic labelling machines that make mass production easy, convenient and fast.

4. Affordable Comparing the costs of packaging to cold glue labelling, you will find that they are considerably lower.

You will find that the labelling machines alone will cost only half the total amount.

You also have the option of applying the labels by hand and remove the cost of purchasing the machines altogether.

Any business or individual opting for labelling solutions will find this to be a very beneficial option considering there are no expensive tools or set up costs required.

Don’t forget that self-adhesive labels are very easy to manufacture and have very little waste.

5. Time Effective Compared to cold glue labelling, self-adhesive labels don’t need any technical expertise.

They are easy to manufacture and have the fastest application and production timing.

If you apply the labels using machines, you will use an applicator with a reel and a very simple set up.

There’s a release coating in place that allows effortless removal of the label from the protective backing liner on the product surface.

You can label products with one simple pass and improve your production time as well as reduce manufacturing cost considerably.

As mentioned, you can also apply them by hand, quite useful for small businesses.

6. Boosting Your Shelf Appeal Self-adhesive labels are popular because they can also be used as marketing tools, especially for product branding.

With quality and enticing designs, you can boost the shelf appeal of any of your products.

They are very flexible so they can be customised accordingly to provide vibrant and unique packaging solutions.

In conclusion, self-adhesive labels have become popular because they provide the numerous benefits mentioned above.

Whether applied by hand or by using machines, businesses or individuals can make the most out of these self-adhesive labels.

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