How Do Printing Companies Print Digital Labels?

How Do Printing Companies Print Digital Labels?

With today's technology, people's way of life has been revolutionised, and this includes the way labels are being printed. 

The typical method of Litho printing, while as good as it can be, is now being replaced with digital printing. 

There are many reasons why digital printing has started to take over the printing market, but the top reasons are mainly because this method is a faster and cheaper alternative to printing. 

For those businesses who are considering digital printing services and are wondering how the process works, here are some benefits and an overview of how this works:

  • - Less waiting time

  • - Cost-effective

  • - Easy labelling

  • - Print on demand


How Does Digital Printing Work?

The traditional method of Litho printing which uses wet ink makes use of printing plates to transfer the same images onto the product. 

Digital printing, on the other hand, goes over a more delicate, yet special process to give businesses the exact replica of the same image they want to print. 

With that being said, this form of printing method makes use of the digitalised image, making it easier to control the amount of ink, the brightness, exposure, contrast, and other essential factors in order to produce the exact same image within a shorter period of time. 

The process usually starts with a company submitting the digital printing company their logo, or whatever image they need to be printed onto their product. 

It can be either on a self-adhesive label, product label, shelf markers, and so on. 

In general, these companies can transfer the printed image onto almost anything depending on what the business requires.

As soon as the image has been submitted, the digital printing company then produces the labels.

The key benefit of digital printing is that it allows for smaller quantities in short runs. 

This way, businesses can initially assess the effectivity of their labels and test the market appeal based on the current labels provided. 

If revisions are necessary, most established digital printing companies allow their consumers to revise their labels online fairly easily. 

This way, businesses can make changes depending on what their market is looking for.


Benefits Of Digital Printing

Time Saver

The way printing companies print digital labels, and with this kind of technology, gone are the days where businesses have to wait for weeks to get their labels printed out. 

Digital printing is usually fast, which means that it saves the business time, allowing them to proceed with their product launch, or so they can stack their products on shelves as soon as possible.

Easily Customisable

As mentioned earlier, whenever changes need to be made on the design, they can be easily modified online. 

Businesses can also opt for various designs depending on the product, or marketing material. 

For printing the same image/design on multiple materials, this can be easily adjusted as there are no metal plates involved.

This makes it an ideal solution for businesses requiring printing needs.

Images Are less Distorted

The traditional printing method usually distorts images when printed out on products or package labels. 

Digital printing produces a finer print, which means the images usually come out sharp and precise.

Cost Effective

With digital printing, businesses only print the amount they need. There's no need to print bulk labels. 

This is also an advantage to smaller and startup businesses as they can easily print on demand, and print whatever they need - nothing more, nothing less. 

Printing digital labels is undoubtedly a new and better solution for both small and large businesses. 

Getting your product labels printed digitally can be a game changer in the business, given that you've chosen a reliable, established and well-trusted digital printing company.