What Are High-Quality Digital Labels Used For?

What Are High-Quality Digital Labels Used For?

Digital labels are labels produced using the digital printing production method with the aim of producing customised and highly attractive labels. 

The printing method involves a printing machine that uses the digital files of your design and prints them directly on the material. Learn more about how printing companies print digital labels here

As such, all the colours are reproduced in one go, which is a departure from the traditional flexographic press method of label production. 

As you can imagine, this printing method is flexible and adaptable enough to be used for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • - Packaging Labels

  • - Wine, Beer, Food, And Beverages Labels

  • - Window Signage, Posters, And Backlight Displays 

  • - Micro-Text Printing For Security Purposes

  • - Multi-Colour And Complex Labels 

  • - Any Short Run Product Labelling


1. Packaging Labels

Packaging does more than just protecting products. It also a branding opportunity. 

As such, manufacturers who need high-quality labelling on their package with accurate reproduction of the artwork typically opt for digital labels. 

This gives their products a premium look and feel.  

Aside from branding purposes, manufacturers use digital labels on products where true colour reproduction is an important aspect of user-experience or instructions. 

For instance, beauty products need true colour reproduction to give buyers an indication of colour they should expect when they purchase a product. 

As such, the product label should have the true colour of the product.


2. Labelling In The Food And Beverages Industry

Digital labels are prominent in the food and beverage industry. 

Digitally printed self-adhesive and food-safe labels are very easy to use on packaged food products, wine and beer bottles, and other beverages. 

This makes such products cost-effective and provides attractive labelling options for many manufacturers. 


3. For Signage And Advertisement Purposes 

Digitally produced labels are used for advertisement purposes typically in the form of posters, window signage, and backlight displays. 

Given the high accuracy of the digitally produced artwork, many businesses use this type of signage for advertisement purposes. 


4. Micro-text Printing To Prevent Counterfeiting

Micro-printing is an effective method of dealing with counterfeiting. Micro-texts are very difficult accurate to reproduce without the original design files. 

Typically, when you scan artwork with commercially available scanners, micro-text tends to appear as dotted lines instead of words. 

Moreover, without a high-quality digital printer, you cannot reproduce the micro-text accurately.

As such with micro-text, a company can secure their product that much more, as they will be able to help their customers identify and differentiate a genuine product from a counterfeit product. 


5. Multi-Colour And Complex Labels 

With so many brands competing for the attention of customers, using attractive and eye-catching labels is the key to making more sales. 

To this end, many brands are turning to multi-colour and complex labels to enhance their brand image and catch the eyes of potential consumers. 

Brands that use more than four colours and complex labels should consider using digital labels. 

Digital labels ensure consistency and fidelity of the label images and the wording is maintained across the print run. 

As such, you can rest assured that your labels will have colour consistency, colour vibrancy, and image quality is of the highest standards across all the labels. 


6. Short Run Product Labelling 

Given the flexibility and adaptability of digital labels, it is highly likely that these type of labels will suit a wide variety of products that you may need to label or brand. 

That being said, the economics of using digitally printed labels, or any label for that matter, works in your favour. 

In this regard, the number of labels you need should fall within the range where digital label printing is cost-effective. 

The cost implications associated with digital label printing makes this type of labels suitable for short-run orders. 

If you are looking for 500 to 25,000 labels, you should consider using digital labels. 

Digital labels are very effective when it comes to branding allowing printers to use a wide variety of printing materials to customise labels to meet the needs of manufacturers. 

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