Are Self-Adhesive Labels Good For Glass Bottles?

Are Self-Adhesive Labels Good For Glass Bottles?

Also known as pressure-sensitive labels, self-adhesive labels are used in a wide variety of scenarios and on a wide variety of products, including glass. 

As a type of label, self-adhesive labels offer a unique combination of benefits that make them particularly good for use on glass bottles. 

Whether you want to label wine, beer, or any other product bottled in a glass, self-adhesive will suffice.

To understand why these type of labels are perfectly suited to glass bottle labelling, we’ll explore some of the benefits you get from using self-adhesive labels.

  • Self-Adhesive Labels Save Time (And Energy)

  • They Improve Productivity

  • They Are Durable

  • These Labels Are Cost-Effective

  • Self-Adhesive Labels Are Versatile In Design


1. Self-Adhesive Labels Save Time (And Energy)

Given that this type of label does not need the application of adhesive on every individual label before applying it on the bottle, you save a lot of time. 

The self-adhesive label requires one to simply peel it from its protective backing and apply the label on the bottle. 

There is no wasting time (and energy) in applying the adhesive on the paper. 

Additionally, they are fast and easy to apply. The application process does not involve a lot of complex processes. 

This bodes well for manual and automatic bottle labelling.


2. This Type Of Labels Improve Productivity

Considering the fact that self-adhesive labels eliminate the need for applying adhesive on every label, you reduce the time needed to conduct labelling and the energy used up in the process. 

Consequently, this makes labelling of bottled products much easier and faster. The net result of all of this an improvement in productivity performance.


3. They Are Durable

Self-Adhesive labels, especially when optimised for use in glass bottles are long-lasting, more so than the vast majority of other labels. 

They do not rip or detach easily. 

Their long-lasting and high durability characteristics are perfectly suited to ensuring that the labels applied to bottles can last a long time without having to worry about losing your branding or ingredients and instructions.


4. They Are Cost-Effective

Self-adhesive labels come with just the right amount of adhesive to get the label to stick on the glass. 

This is unlike other labels that you have to apply the adhesive to, thereby resulting in the wastage of adhesive.

Moreover, the label itself is precisely cut to reduce wastage of materials. 

The combination of these two considerations makes for a very cost-effective bottle labelling experience.

Another cost-saving consideration is the ease of transportation of these labels. 

They come in rolls or sheets, depending on your particular application. Rolls and sheets are compact form-factors. 

As such, they do not necessitate bulk transportation which is yet another cost-saving.


5. Self-Adhesive labels Are Flexible And Versatile

Self-adhesive labels are perfect for use on glass bottles owing to their versatility and flexibility with regard to designs and finishes. 

As such, they can suit just about anyone’s needs. For instance, you get self-adhesive labels made using either vinyl, paper, or plastic. 

On the design front, you can get the labels in a number of finishes to complement your glass design, colour, and use. 

The variety of finishes include UV coating, hot foil, aroma, varnish, silk-screen, and much more.

In a nutshell, whatever your label design needs might be, you can get a self-adhesive label that meets your needs.

Based on the numerous benefits you get from using glass bottle self-adhesive labels of glass bottles, they are the best choice when it comes to labels.

Additionally, in some cases, this is the only type of label you can use. Read more about what are self adhesive labels used for here -

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