Choosing the Most Efficient Label Printing for Your Brand

Choosing the Most Efficient Label Printing for Your Brand

Having the right packaging for your brand is essential if you want to compete in today's marketplace.

Whether you sell ale, paint, chocolate, consumers are drawn to brand names and to the appearance of a product.

Professional digital labels can go a long way towards presenting the image that will make your product sell.


Why Choose Digital Labels

Digital printing is fast becoming the most popular method of printing across the world due to its versatility, flexibility, quality and economic benefits.

The benefits of printing digitally are numerous and include the following:

  • - Large variety of materials and adhesives available.
  • - Short, medium and long run capabilities.
  • - No minimums.
  • - Fully customisable and flexible in design, size, shape, material, adhesive and colour.
  • - No films or plates.
  • - Multiple sku’s per run.
  • - Variable Data and numbering capabilities for printing of batch, expiry, barcode or pricing details unique to each label.
  • - Suited for manual, semi-automated and high-speed labelling application.
  • - Reduced lead-times.
  • - Reduction in obsolete stock and working capital.
  • - Economical and cost effective.


We can supply custom printed labels in a range of different sizes and shapes, with pricing options for both short and long print runs.

How Are Digital Labels Printed?

Digital printing differs from other printing styles in that it is more flexible.

At Onpack, we have invested in the latest, state-of-the-art digital printing technology to ensure supply of the highest quality and most cost-effective labels possible. Our Screen Inkjet L350 Digital press offers the following benefits in print:

  • - Smooth graduations and sharp detail with fine ink lay down compared to other presses
  • - Solids are dense and free of pinholes and streaks
  • - Accurate reproduction of images, logos and container colours
  • - Opaque white ink allows printing on transparent and metallic substrates for greater application flexibility while further boosting colour vibrancy


How are Digital Labels supplied?

Onpack is primarily a roll-fed digital printer. This means that the majority of our labels are supplied on rolls which is the most cost effective option.

This also makes is easy for production lines, contract packers, machine applicators and semi-automatic/automatic labelling and overprinting machines

Roll-printed labels are easier to apply square/straight to ensure a uniform appearance across all of your products, and also to ensure that the label is stuck smoothly and securely, and will not bubble or peel.

We also provide the option to supply your labels as singles, or on sheets in such cases as promo and bumper stickers.

It's little details such as this which can make a brand stand out against the competition.


Using Labels for Your Brand

Digital labels are a good choice for any product since you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to size, shape, and type.

Whether you want a a clear no-look label or something printed on a premium uncoated wine paper, the choice is yours.

With a wide variety of materials, CMYK colours that catch match to almost any PMS and our state of the art digital press, digital is perfect for everything from shelf wobblers to product labels and POS marketing accessories.

If you need some high quality, digitally printed food product labels, then look no further than Onpack.

Onpack is an Australian owned company offering a personalised digital printing service with caters to each individual brief and label requirement. Please call us today on +61 3 8388 8100 for all your digital label needs.

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