Which Design Software Is The Best For Label Design?

Which Design Software Is The Best For Label Design?

Labels play an important role when it comes to branding your products. The label will determine whether a customer picks up your product or a competitor's. 

Design software is commonly used to design some of the best labels in the industry. 

If your skill set lies in designing the product but not its label, you should use the best label designing software on the market. 

Your research is important when choosing the best label designing software because there are dozens of software options out there. 

This article provides information on which design software is the best for label design.

  • 1. Adobe Creative Suite

  • 2. Maestro Label Designer

  • 3. Canva

  • 4. Avery

Adobe Creative Suite

This is one of the best design software for advanced label designers. 

Programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign offer vector creation, photo editing, and page layout features. 

This is one of the best software programs when it comes to creating sophisticated label designs. 

The software comes with a hefty price tag and is ideal for commercial use. It has a steep learning curve - which is one of the disadvantages of the software. 

You have the option of uploading a bland label template or creating your own when designing labels. 

This program provides a blank slate to unleash your creativity. You can insert your photos, build your shapes, and do much more with this program. 

Download the design or print it directly from the software program.

Maestro Label Designer

Maestro Label Designer includes blank and pre-design label templates for hundreds of labels. 

The software comes with a built-in alignment tool to help with printing. The software is specialised for label design and printing. 

You can upload an unlimited amount of graphics, fonts, and shapes to this platform from your personal computer. 

You can access the software from anywhere because it is web-based. 

You need to pick a pre-designed template and choose the desired label configuration to start designing labels. 

You can easily add photos and text using the left toolbar. 


This is a web-based label designing software with dozens of templates. It is ideal for newbie designers to create their labels. 

It comes with a free platform that is used for layout design, photo-editing, and graphics. The software has hundreds of design templates for you to choose from. 

You have to pay extra for some of the quality templates. You have the option to start with a blank canvas or choose a pre-designed template. 

You can drag and drop the desired elements onto your design. 


This software is created for Avery-branded products. You can design and print the labels from wherever you are with this quality software platform. 

It is accessible online for this purpose. You have access to blank and pre-designed templates with the ability to add text and images. 

The product is ideal for entry-level designers because they have the option of dragging and dropping the elements into your design and customise it accordingly. 

The software also has a few advanced tools like barcode generator and spell-check. These features are helpful for both business and personal users. 

You should create an account before using the program. You will be moved to the canvas to design your label. 

The design will be reproduced across the sheet and downloaded to the computer. 

If you are wondering which design software is best for label designing, you have come to the right place. 

However, once your label is designed, you then need to get it printed. 

There are dozens of label designing platforms on the market, but all of them are not the same. 

Your research is important when choosing a good label printing service in Melbourne. 

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