What Is The Purpose Of Printing Services?

What Is The Purpose Of Printing Services?

Our lives are linked to printing so much that most of the time we take it for granted. Just look around and you will understand the importance of printing - in fact, it is everywhere. 

Hence, printing is one of the most important components of our society today. It has helped us evolve to where we are right now. 

Printing is an essential component of all types of business promotions. In fact, printing is quite similar to the creation of language - which has been the hallmark of our civilisation. 

Before the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, books were being copied by hand. It was a much slower and painstaking process that was prone to many errors. 

In fact, books became quite rare due to the difficulty in producing them. Hence, books were available only to scholars and monks in ancient societies. 

A Brief History Of Printing Services

Printing services have become quite popular in this day and age. It wouldn't have been possible if not for the invention of the printing press. 

Woodblock printing was the precursor to the printing press. A block of wood was carved and painted with ink, and the block is pressed onto a surface to print. 

However, the process was quite tiring and time-consuming. If you wanted to change anything, you would need to cut another block of wood. 

Johannes Gutenberg's printing press was invented in 1440, and it was a movable type - where letters and symbols were rearranged according to your requirements. 

That way printers were able to reuse them for other printouts. This made printing accessible to the general public since it became cost-effective and was flexible. 

A lot of innovations were added to the printing industry over time. 

In fact, the invention of continuous rolls of paper in the 1800s has helped to improve the efficiency of printing and reduce the costs. 

This resulted in cheaper newspapers, flyers, postcards, and magazines over time. There are many benefits to printing in today's society. 

In fact, printing has become part and parcel of our lives in this day and age. If you are involved in business, you know how important printing is to promote your brand. 

If not for printing services, it wouldn't have been possible to take your product or service to potential customers. 

The Benefits Of Managed Printing Services

The latest statistics reveal that the average office worker prints more than 10,000 pages every year. That is how important printing is in our day to day lives. 

However, maintaining an in-house printing department is not the most viable option for a small or medium-scale business. 

The chances of printing equipment breaking down are quite high when you have an in-house printing department and repairing printing machines can be quite expensive. 

That is where managed printing services come in handy. 

Printing Services Help Reduce Printing Costs

You should opt for managed printing services in order to reduce and control the printing costs in your business. 

A printing service will offer an all-inclusive cost-per-page package which will cover all the expenses of the project. It will help reduce your in-house printing budget, too.


Flexibility is another important benefit of hiring a third-party printing company for your printing needs. These services can adapt to your changing wants and needs. 

In fact, they are quite scalable which is great if you are planning to expand your business. 

Increased Productivity

Third-party services will help increase your productivity over time. Maintaining your own printing press isn't an easy task. In fact, it can be quite costly. 

However, a printing service prints millions of pages each year so they have more than likely invested in the latest technologically-advanced machines for this purpose. 

These machines will improve your productivity by delivering your printing orders in a timely manner. That is why you need to opt for such a service provider.

Peace Of Mind

When you have a managed printing service to take care of all your printing needs, you can stop worrying about the printing and focus on the core areas of your business. 

It gives you peace of mind - letting you concentrate on managing your core business functions more efficiently. 

That is why you should hire a reliable printing service for all your printing needs.

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