What Types Of Adhesive Digital Labels Are There?

What Types Of Adhesive Digital Labels Are There?

There are a large number of different adhesive labels available for all kinds of applications and requirements. 

Businesses and individuals need self-adhesive labels to identify a myriad of products, services, and to impart information. 

In the past few years, digital printing has emerged massively using cutting-edge technology to offer brands improved quality labels at significantly reduced costs. 

Digital labels help to reinforce brand awareness and improve visibility on store shelves. 

Are All Digital Labels Self Adhesive?

Not all digital labels are self-adhesive. Some types of non-adhesive digital labels include those used in garment manufacturing, sew on labels for school clothing, ribbon, damask, or satin labels, wristband labels, and laundry labels for clothing care directions to name just a few.

What Are Digital Labels?

Digital printing is used to print labels from a digitally-based image directly onto material like paper, plastic, or other media. 

Digital printing does not need expensive printing plates used with traditional printing methods which makes it cheaper and easier to produce small printing runs. 

It is also easy to alter label designs without the expense of creating new printing plates every time.

Digital label printing services offer high quality, glossy, and full coloured labels that are suitable for a range of applications and industries from packaging to food labelling. 

A wide range of different materials, designs, and sizes make it possible to customise labels according to exact requirements.

Self-adhesive digital labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label printed onto a substrate. 

The adhesive backing can be peeled off to allow the label to be applied to a wide variety of substrates.

Benefits of Digitally Printed Self Adhesive Labels

  • Photographic quality imagery

  • Superb clarity images and crisp type

  • High-resolution even in small print and tiny details

  • Reduced cost per unit for small to medium-sized runs

  • Rapid turnaround times on print orders

  • Absolute consistency of each digital label in a print run due to the accuracy and precision of the state-of-the-art printing technologies.

Advantages of VDP Digital Printing Options

Digital label printing is unique in that labels can be printed with VDP (Variable Data Printing) technology that makes it possible to print each label differently from the rest within a single print run. 

This is important where consecutive numbering, variable titles, sequential barcodes, and text are needed. 

By using VDP businesses can quickly run unique, targeted promotions or test a variety of label designs.

Digital Printing Capabilities

With digital printing, you can rapidly and cost-effectively produce any type of digital label. 

By using variable date-printing technology, digital printing companies can change images, text, and graphics from one printed piece to next without having to stop or slow down the printing process. 

Some types of material that can be used for digital printing include the following:

  • Paper

  • Film

  • Foil

  • Any other type of label material for customisation purposes

Web-fed digital presses are capable of rapidly printing any design or colour combination from an extensive library of low-cost cutting dies on almost any shape of label. Dies can also be custom made to a company’s exact specifications. 

The latest digital printing technologies, state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, and improvements in digital printing systems make it possible for everyone to benefit from digitally printed labels without paying high printing costs.

Determining the best solution for label requirements depends on several factors such as:

  • The quantity of labels required

  • The turnaround times you need to meet

  • The amount of label-to-label variations your require

  • The design of your labels

Digital labels are recommended for rush jobs or tight deadlines as they can be printed in the fastest possible turnaround times. 

They are also recommended for label designs that are particularly complex or for small containers that require super-fine printing techniques. 

It is also the most cost-effective way to print multiple variations of labels within one print run when testing markets or running a promotion that needs small quantities of designs or wording.

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