Why Vinyl Stickers Are Better Than Paper Stickers

Why Vinyl Stickers Are Better Than Paper Stickers

When it comes to stickers, many people have debated about whether vinyl or paper is a better material. While both have their merits, it seems that vinyl has far more advantages. 

You need to consider these points when trying to determine which of the two is best for your needs.


One thing that can never be discounted is the fact that vinyl is the more durable of the two. This is because when paper is exposed to moisture, it begins to lose its strength. 

It does not matter how thick and sturdy paper appears to be; in the end, water will win the battle. 

Vinyl is able to withstand all type of conditions, including rough wear and exposure to the elements. 

This alone is enough reason to place it higher than paper when it comes to choosing sticker material for your digital printing needs.


It may seem like paper would be the winner in this area as it has a cheaper upfront cost, but this is not the case at all. 

While you can buy paper stickers at a cheaper price, they will not last as long, which means that you will need to buy more sooner rather than later. 

In the case of vinyl, they can last seemingly forever, which means that you will end up saving more money in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are someone who is dedicated to preserving the environment, you know how important it is to choose materials that are reusable and will last much longer. 

While paper may seem like the best environmental decision, especially when the material being used is biodegradable, it is always more preferable to choose a long-lasting material, like vinyl. 

This will create less waste as vinyl stickers will not have to be disposed of as often as their paper counterparts.

Vivid Colours

It is common for the colours on a sticker to fade over time, which means that you will have to buy more. 

While there is no guarantee that your vinyl stickers will last forever, the length of time that they remain vivid is considerably longer than if you use paper. 

In some cases, they are laminated, which means that they are scratch-resistant, which contributes greatly when it comes to preserving the original colours.

Outdoor Use

People who plan to use their stickers outdoors will definitely fare better when using vinyl. As briefly mentioned above, it will withstand the elements much better. 

While you may believe that this only refers to moist conditions, that is not the case at all. 

Extreme heat and cold as well as direct sunlight can cause damage to paper stickers. As a result, vinyl would be a much better choice.

They also stay clean when the weather gets messy. If there is dust and dirt flying around and a paper sticker is wet, it will adhere and stay dirty permanently. 

As far as vinyl goes, they may be dirty initially, but a quick rinse, whether from a hose or rain, will make them look nice and clean again.


It is possible to choose vinyl stickers that are translucent. This will make the message appear as if it were written directly on a surface, which has more visual appeal. 

This is not something that is possible if you select a sticker that is made of paper.

Hopefully now you can see why vinyl is a better option for digitally printed stickers. 

Between lasting longer, being tough enough for the elements and by offering more cost savings over time, it would be a mistake to ignore this and look for a paper option.

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