What Sets Digital Printing Apart From Other Types of Labeling?

What Sets Digital Printing Apart From Other Types of Labeling?

If you want your products to sell, then you need to make sure that they look appealing, and one of the most important elements of that is the packaging. 

While rustic 'handmade' products can sell at farmer's markets and in boutiques, there are limits to how many products can be made in that way while still trying to keep the quality high. 

If you're producing goods and packing them in a factory, you want to make sure that every single product that comes off the production line looks the same.

That means no ink bleed, no upside-down labels, no off-centre printing, and no other errors. 

Digital labels are a reliable and effective way of making good-looking products rapidly, and for an affordable price.

How Mechanical Printing Works

Many manufacturers still use mechanical printing using a traditional press and a process called flexography to transfer the design onto the surface. 

This kind of printing is fast and reliable most of the time, however, there can be some issues. The ink is kept in separate 'stations', and each color is applied individually. 

If the colors do not align perfectly this can create an odd effect on the finished product.

In addition, while mechanical printing is great for large print runs, it creates a significant burden when it comes to setting up. 

It can be expensive and time-consuming to prepare the presses for a small batch of products. Therefore, the cost can make it prohibitive for a lot of smaller brands. 

Ideally, you need a batch of tens of thousands of labels to make a mechanical print run worthwhile.

The Benefits of Digital Label Printing

Digital printing addresses a lot of the issues with mechanical printing:

  • Fast and easy to set up: Digital printing does not require much preparation time. A printer can do a small run of one digital design, stop that job, then immediately print another job from a different design with no need to change plates or ink stations. This makes digital printing good for small batches.

  • Flexible: With tradtional printing, changing a design can be hard. With digital printing, swapping the background for a different color or even changing a word on a design is just a matter of editing the file. So you can use the same logo with a different year or with some seasonal tweaks, without having to spend a lot of money to get different print runs prepared.

  • Precise: Since the printer applies all the colors at the same time via different heads, this means that the printing is unlikely to have any issues with poor alignment of colors. This allows for more intricate designs that still look clear and vibrant.

Because digital printing is so fast and simple it is ideal for prototyping, small batches, seasonal batches, and even A/B testing of different product designs. 

You can have designs printed on the same materials as you would use for flexo printing, and can even work with other materials that you might not perhaps thought of trying. 

If the ink will adhere to the surface, and the feeder can handle it, then it's a candidate for digital printing.

Flexo presses may be quicker for very long runs and for larger designs, since they can 'press' the whole design quite quickly. 

There is a space in the market for both types of printing technology. What you should be doing as a brand owner is thinking about why you are choosing the printing style you are. 

Is it because that's how things were always done, or is it because it truly is the best style of printing for the job at hand?

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