What’s The Difference Between Frozen And Non-frozen Food Labels?

What’s The Difference Between Frozen And Non-frozen Food Labels?

Self-adhesive labels are a large component of food packaging. They offer you the most pertinent information you need to know about a particular food product from nutritional facts right through to manufacturer details. 

As such, there are different types of labels that are used by different types of food products.

In this article, we will be talking about the different types of food labels. More specifically, we will illustrate the difference between labels for frozen food and labels for non-frozen food.

The Different Types of Labels

There are different types of food products and each has its own characteristics that can affect the effectiveness of a label. Some examples of these include:

  • The texture of the packaging itself

  • The shape of the packaging

  • The temperature at which the label will be applied at 

  • The condition of the packaging surface 

  • The storage and maintenance conditions of the food product

In order to adjust to these different factors, there are different types of food packaging labels. Generally, there are four types of food packaging labels such as the following:

1). Permanent Adhesive

These types of food labels are very durable and work almost immediately after it is placed on the surface of the packaging. They can only be removed soon after it is placed and once this is done, it becomes almost impossible to remove. 

2). Removable Adhesive

These adhesives are strong, but unlike permanent adhesives, they can be removed more easily and can be reapplied without leaving sticky residue on the packaging.

3). Freezer Grade Adhesive

Freezer grade adhesives are designed specifically for food products that are meant to be frozen.

4). Repositionable Adhesives

These adhesives are quite similar to removable adhesives as they are not hard to remove. They are fashioned for short-term periods so that they can be repositioned or reapplied when necessary without losing its adhesion. 

5). Non-adhesive

Though these are technically not label adhesives like the other four, they are still food labels. They can be attached through other methods such as sewing, tying, inserting, etc. They can also be made of materials like rubber or acrylic. 

Of course, there are still more types of food packaging labels out there, all of which are made of different materials such as paper or vinyl, with different finishes such as varnish or lamination. However, they are all specially designed for the type of food packaging they will be placed on. 

Frozen Food Labels versus Nonfrozen Food Labels

As we have just learned, there is definitely a difference in the type of food packaging labels that are used for frozen and non-frozen food. 

It is important that you utilise freezer grade adhesive labels for frozen food. This is because each label has a service temperature range or in other words, the range in which a label will be able to keep its adhesion. 

This means that if you use a label adhesive not designed to withstand cold conditions, it may stiffen up and the adhesive itself will not be effective anymore.

There are some non-freezer grade adhesives that can withstand a temperature range of 4-10 degrees Celcius before they begin to crystallise at temperatures lower than that. In comparison to this, freezer grade adhesives can withstand temperatures as low as -54 degrees Celcius.

In the case of non-frozen food products, there is more versatility in the choices of labels you can use. Typically, removable and non-adhesive labels are often used for these types of food products. 

Final Thoughts

Before labelling your food products, it is important to understand the type of food product you will be labelling. You must take into account the conditions in which it will be stored and maintenance along with its physical conditions such as its surface and its texture. 

If your food product will be stored and maintained at freezing temperatures, then you must use freezer-grade adhesives to avoid the possibility of your label crystallising and stiffening up, thus losing its adhesive strength.

However, if your food product is a non-frozen product, then there are more options available that are best suited for this product, such as removable adhesives or non-adhesives. 

Nonetheless, it is important that you are aware of the service temperature range of the label so that when you apply labels to your food packaging their adhesive properties will not be compromised.

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