How Important Is Product Label Printing?

How Important Is Product Label Printing?

Product labels are very important. They are not just legal requirements, they also contain important information regarding your products. They also put a face to your brand. Labels are the first thing potential buyers see. If your labels are not attention-grabbing, they will walk past your item in the aisle or scroll to the next item online. Labels are also important for brand recall. Your design and content of the label should stick and be easy to remember.

These reasons clearly demonstrate why product label printing is so important. After all, the success of selling boils down to product placement. If your product is not seen or your label does not connect with customers, no one will buy your items,

Your product label is your identity.

Product label printing is important because it informs your potential buyers of the following vital information:


Labels inform your customers of the content and ingredients of the product they are about to buy. It also includes health information like caloric content and other nutritional information. This is important not just because the law requires it but for the safety of the consumers. For example, people with severe allergies or health problems will be guided accordingly on which products are safe for them and which are not.


Guides on how to use and directions on how to assemble or unpack are important for convenience and safety. It is important to let your buyers know how to use your products correctly. For medicine, this is crucial. One cannot just take any medication without proper safety instructions for consumption. Electrical products must have detailed directions on how to assemble the product along with other important information for the user’s safety.


Some products pose health threats to people. The law requires manufacturers and sellers to label the appropriate health hazards for full disclosure. Products like cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, medicine, electrical items, and many others must provide a clear and unobstructed warning on their product labels.


One of the main considerations for consumers is the PRICE. Labels must contain pricing so buyers can compare with other brands and choose wisely. The law requires companies to assign fixed prices on products. Prices must be fair and truthful.

Product Label Printing Is Important for Marketing

How important is product label printing for marketing? It is undoubtedly the most important factor in marketing.

Unique and well-designed labels can grab the attention of buyers which will lead to its success. If your label is boring and does not stand out, your sales will suffer. It is all about getting the attention of your target market. And your label has a lot to do with it.

Product labels come in different forms and sizes. They vary depending on the needs of different market segments. 

It helps promote the brand, the company, and the product itself. It also defines the product identity. Again, brand recall is important so remember to stick to your branding and avoid making changes unless it is absolutely necessary. A small change or improvement on a brand logo, even the colour or font of the label can make a big impact on your sales. Buyers buy products they are familiar with, they go for brands that they know and trust. A little change in your labels will make your brand seem unfamiliar. 

Important Tips on Product Labelling

  • Use readable fonts. Complement text with images. Make sure your images are clear.

  • Use bold, attention-grabbing colours. Match your label colours to your flavours.

  • Flaunt the benefits. Highlight the best features of your product, make it stand out.

  • Include fun facts and other content that will encourage buyers to read further and pick up your product for further inspection, or add it straight to their shopping carts.

  • Highlight the brand name. People should be able to read the brand name (or product name) with ease. It is all about brand recall.

  • The size and shape of your label should be proportionate to your item or container.

  • Do not forget barcodes or QR codes.

  • Include your company information like address, phone number and email. Happy buyers are highly likely to contact you directly for more orders.

  • Be unique. Tell a story. One or two sentences about how your company started or how you will donate a portion of your profit to a charity that matters to your company is important. People love a good story especially ones that hit the heart.

  • Be consistent. Do not keep changing fonts and colours. You will get your buyers confused. No one will remember your brand if you keep changing your branding.

Labels are important. Do not underestimate the power of a good product label. Product label design and printing is one aspect of your business that you should invest in - both time (for research and study) and money. Get experienced professionals to help you come up with the best labels for your products.

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