The Advantages of Self Adhesive or Pressure-Sensitive Labels

The Advantages of Self Adhesive or Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are the most popular method of labelling products and have dominated the food and beverage industry. They have a surprising range of benefits for both individuals and businesses that are in search of the perfect packaging solution.

What are self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive labels, otherwise known as pressure-sensitive labels are labels that are often used as a form of packaging. Self-adhesive labelling can be used on almost any kind of product material and can be custom produced to fit on all shapes and sizes. From cosmetic products to plants and nursery products, self-adhesive labels are an effective marketing tool which are known for their quality and versatility.

What are the advantages of self-adhesive labels?

As mentioned above, self-adhesive labels possess a number of fantastic benefits for packaging purposes. The below list discusses these benefits which will have you making the switch to self-adhesive labelling in an instant.

1. Time-effective
In contrast to cold glue labelling, self-adhesive labelling does not require technical expertise, is easy to manufacture and has significantly faster production & application speeds.

Self-adhesive labels can be applied via machines which use a reel-fed applicator and a much simpler setup. The release coating allows for easy removal of the label from the protective backing liner to the product surface. Label application machines can label products in ‘one pass’. This has sped up production drastically and reduced manufacturing time to almost half!

Self-adhesive labels also provide the convenience of not requiring any application machines at all, and can be supplied perfectly suited for hand or manual application as well. This is especially advantageous for small or start-up businesses in their new product endeavours by eliminating the need to invest in expensive machinery to apply their labels.

Furthermore handling different product lines is easy with self-adhesive labelling machines. Changeovers only involve switching rolls, ultimately reducing down-time.  Business owners will be pleasantly surprised by how smooth, quick and easy self-adhesive labelling operations can be.

2. Cost-effective
The overall costs of the packaging process are much lower than cold glue labelling. The labelling machines and equipment alone can be as much as half the cost! And there is always the option to hand apply & cut the application machine cost out altogether. Businesses will surely find that switching to self-adhesive labelling a major advantage considering no expensive tooling or set up costs are required.

Furthermore, self-adhesive labels are easier to manufacture which reduces the amount of energy utilised in their production. They also produce much less label & product waste from tears, jams and mislabelled products with no mess made from glue.

3. Long lasting
Self-adhesive labels have excellent durability which is why most beverage and wine companies are using them. These labels are designed & custom manufactured to resist deterioration from a range of substances including water & oil, and will not peel off regardless of the surface material you are applying to.

Self-adhesive labels form a strong bond with the surfaces they are applied to. You can be confident that they will stay in place and not wear and tear even if they are utilised outdoors in the elements or are frequently handled.

4. Versatility
Self-adhesive labelling can be used on almost any kind of product and surface, and on any packaging shape and size. They are incredibly versatile and can be custom made, cut to your specifications, printed on an extensive array of materials and made unique with your own images or designs.

5. Easy to apply
Self-adhesive labels can be applied by hand or machine and do not require complicated tools or any solvent, water or heat to adhere to surfaces. They simply peel right off the protective backing liner and stick right on with a little added pressure. Automatic & semi-automatic labelling machines are also available to make mass production convenient, fast and easy.

6. Boost your shelf appeal
Self-adhesive labels are popular because of their effectiveness as marketing tools for product branding. You can create quality-made, eye-catching designs which are great for boosting a product’s shelf appeal. The flexibility of digitally printed self-adhesive labels also means they can easily be designed to provide unique and vibrant packaging intended to attract the target audience.

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