Self-adhesive labels are often used in product design and packaging, simply because they are very cost-effective.
Our lives are linked to printing so much that most of the time we take it for granted. Just look around and you will understand the importance of printing - in fact, it is everywhere.
If your business needs printing done for whatever reason, the best thing to do is hire a professional printing services for the job. Maintaining an in-house printing service isn't really a viable and cost-effective option for the majority of businesses out ther
Labels play an important role when it comes to branding your products. The label will determine whether a customer picks up your product or a competitor's. Design software is commonly used to design some of the best labels in the industry.
One of the biggest challenges in the world of sticky labels is making sure that the labels have the right level of 'stickiness'. Removable self-adhesive labels need to be sticky but peel off without damaging the product underneath. Permanent labels need to stick and stay stuck.
Having the right packaging for your brand is essential if you want to compete in today's marketplace. Whether you sell real ale, paint, chocolate, or cleaning products is irrelevant. Consumers are drawn to brand names and to the appearance of a product.
Manufacturers have become the target of frequent regulatory actions and lawsuits due to their choice of food product labels. It's not uncommon to come across news of a food company facing a lawsuit because of using words like "natural" and "preservatives free" on their product labels while the products themselves do not match these descriptions.
In the pursuit to maintain healthy living, people are advised to watch what they eat, and this involves checking food labels any time you want to purchase food. Most consumers have embraced this habit, and you will find them continually checking the ingredients of most of the food items they buy.
Also known as pressure-sensitive labels, self-adhesive labels are used in a wide variety of scenarios and on a wide variety of products, including glass. As a type of label, self-adhesive labels offer a unique combination of benefits that make them particularly good for use on glass bottles.
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