In the pursuit to maintain healthy living, people are advised to watch what they eat, and this involves checking food labels any time you want to purchase food. Most consumers have embraced this habit, and you will find them continually checking the ingredients of most of the food items they buy.
Also known as pressure-sensitive labels, self-adhesive labels are used in a wide variety of scenarios and on a wide variety of products, including glass. As a type of label, self-adhesive labels offer a unique combination of benefits that make them particularly good for use on glass bottles.
Digital labels are labels produced using the digital printing production method with the aim of producing customised and highly attractive labels. The printing method involves a printing machine that uses the digital files of your design and prints them directly on the material. Learn more about how printing companies print digital labels here.
All of us are fairly familiar with self-adhesive labels or stickers that are convenient and easy for all of us to use. These types of labels are made from a variety of different materials to meet varying requirements and come in all types of shapes and sizes.
Not all labels are the same. Some labels are more crucial and sensitive than others. Different industries require different types of labels for their goods and products. Different types of labels require different types of technologies to produce them.
With today's technology, people's way of life has been revolutionised, and this includes the way labels are being printed. The typical method of Litho printing, while as good as it can be, is now being replaced with digital printing.
Branding matters regardless of the size of the business.If you are selling beer, it matters a lot more in this industry as everything looks the same without any branding.
Consumers need to know what is in the food that they eat, particularly packaged items.There are strict requirements for what should be printed on food labels in Australia, and what standards food must meet before it is certified as organic, for example.
There are more self-adhesive labels around than you realise.You can find them on thousands of different products while you are at the supermarket, the shopping mall, and even possibly at some of your favourite restaurants.
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