Flexo Labels

At Onpack, we specialise in flexographic printing, the leading print technology used in the label printing industry for larger label runs, wide-web printing, and complex multi-layer labels. This printing technique offers the perfect combination of quality, productivity, and flexibility, making it an idea choice for a wide range of printing applications.  

Our flagship flexographic printing press, the OMET X6, utilises flexible photopolymer printing plates that are wrapped around cylinders on a web press. Each colour requires a different printing plate, and the inked plates, which feature a raised image, rotate at high speeds, transferring the ink through small holes from the anilox rolls to the substrate. The flexographic printing method is highly adaptable to different materials including thin films, paper, shrink sleeves and IML (In-Mould Labelling), allowing for a diverse range of adhesive and non-adhesive finished products.  

“A cost effective and versatile solution, ideal for high volume printing projects.”  
  • High-volume printing at a low cost
  • UV cured inks for added durability
  • Consistent high-quality prints at high speeds
  • A wide variety of substrates a& finishes available
  • Fast drying inks for quick productions


Flexographic printing is a popular choice for longer print runs due to its rapid production speed. This printing method also boasts the ability to print on a wide range of substrate materials, making it a versatile option for various label printing needs. Flexographic printing also enables in-line converting, which allows for printing, varnishing, laminating, and die-cutting to be completed in a single pass, saving time and resources.


Flexographic printing can employ an assortment of ink types, making it adaptable to a variety of printing projects. It predominantly uses the four primary colours of Cyan, magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), but can accommodate up to ten different colours, allowing for an almost limitless colour palette. With the flexibility of this printing style, Onpack can produce labels in any colour imaginable, creating unique and eye-catching packaging to enhance our customers' branding.

Flexographic printing with Onpack’s OMET X6 is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable, versatile and cost-effective label printing solutions to meet their medium to long run requirements. With its fast production speed, ability to print on various substrate materials, in-line converting capabilities, and colour flexibility, flexo printing has you covered for all your brand and manufacturing requirements and will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.