Retail Markers, Shelf Tags and Wobblers are an important part of any brick-and-mortar store’s merchandising strategy. These tags are small pieces of information that are affixed to the front of products, usually on shelves or pegs, that provide customers with key details about the item. This can include the price, product name, size and any other relevant information that can help the customer make a purchasing decision.

At Onpack, we offer a range of retail shelf tags in various materials and finishes to help our customers create a cohesive and visually appealing branding strategy. Our shelf tags can be customised with different fonts, colours, and graphics to match your store’s unique brand aesthetic. 

“The perfect solution for small and large-scale sales and promotions, making it easy for consumers to find products & understand their benefits.”  
  • High-quality options over a variety of sizes
  • Suitable for fridge & freezer
  • Standard & custom shapes & sizes available
  • Variable-data printing
  • Partial, full & non-adhesive options


Clear and attractive retail shelf markers offer numerous benefits for both customers and store owners. They enable customers to find products quickly and easily understand their features and benefits. Store owners benefit from increased sales as shelf markers draw attention to specific items and make it easier for customers to find what they need.

Retail markers are extremely useful for both small and large-scale promotions and sales. Bright and colourful markers highlight the price and important information, allowing consumers to quickly and easily identify sale products, which in turn helps boost awareness and increase sales.  


Onpack works with both small and large retailers to provide high-quality retail shelf tags that are effective and affordable. Our Digital L350 press is able to print large volumes of variable data, making it easy to produce hundreds of tags, all with different products, prices and information printed on them. This reduces waste for our customers and provides unlimited options to ensure that their products shine on the shelf.  

Retail shelf markers are an important part of any store’s merchandising and marketing strategy. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can assist you with designing and orienting the perfect tags for your store, so you can focus on creating the best possible shopping experience for your customers.


Wobblers & Shelf Hangers

Are you looking for an offline marketing tool that can help your brand stand out on packed store shelves? Look no further than Onpack's retail markers, shelf talkers and wobblers. These attention-grabbing displays dangle at the point of purchase, drawing the attention of passers-by and promoting in-store offers, special promotions, brand awareness, and more. With our quality retail markers, shelf talkers and wobblers, you can leverage high-definition digital printing to create eye-catching designs that set your brand apart. We offer both standard shapes and custom die-cut options to suit your unique needs. Whether you're launching a new product or introducing an in-store promotion, trust Onpack to provide the perfect point of sale display tool for your brand.