Onpack is a leading Australian label printing and manufacturing company based in Melbourne. We specialise in creating high-quality labelling solutions for businesses in the food and FMCG industries. Our labelling solutions are not only visually and aesthetically appealing, but are also functional and durable, capable of withstanding a range of environmental conditions, fluctuations in temperature, frequent handling, and extended storage in various settings.

Complying with stringent safety and hygiene requirements, We work closely with our clients to select the right materials, adhesives and inks for each application and ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards. 



At Onpack, we take a premium approach to label printing and manufacturing, offering short lead-times to give our clients the flexibility they need. We utilise state-of-the-art digital and flexographic printing technologies to deliver customised labels to the highest quality and standards and offer a comprehensive range of colour, material and finish combinations to create the perfect label for each project.

Onpack specialises in manufacturing and supplying labels for many sectors within the diverse FMCG industry, including:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Baked Goods
  • Cosmetics & Toiletries
  • Personal Care
  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Over-the-counter medicines & supplements
  • Household Goods & Appliances
  • Pet Food & Products


With a focus on safety, sustainability, and quality, Onpack is a reliable partner for the FMCG and Food sectors. We provide effective and attractive packaging solutions tailored to individual product requirements. Our expertise ensure compliance and consumer protection. Emphasising sustainability, we offer eco-friendly packaging options without compromising functionality. Our experienced customer service and pre-press teams can assist in ensuring your designs are visually appealing with special materials and finishes to ensure your packaging stands out.

We take immense pride in delivering label and packaging solutions that not only meet industry requirements, but also truly capture the essence of each product. By leveraging our industry knowledge and creative expertise, we produce labels that stand out on store shelves and effectively communicate the unique value of our customers' products.